Vinyl Tile

Today’s Vinyl Tile is almost impossible to tell apart from some of the other alternatives, such as ceramic or stone tiles, which are much more expensive. Vinyl tiles are incredibly resilient - the thicker the better. Vinyl tiles are inexpensive, durable and can last many years with very little maintenance. The amount of colors and styles for vinyl tiles are endless and you'll be able to find a vinyl tile to match any room in your home.

Vinyl tiles can be installed almost anywhere and are very popular choices for kitchen and bathrooms, since they have a high tolerance for spills. Vinyl also has a little cushion that makes it easier on the feet and back when stepped on. Vinyl tile is easy to clean, maintain and is very affordable.


Let Carpets On U help you choose the perfect Vinyl Tile for your project!



Great tiling for high traffic areas. Perfect choice of tile for your living room, dining room, or bedroom.


This is the designer vinyl tiling. Perfect if you want to have a distinct look to match your style.


Enhanced Urethane is some of the strongest flooring and will prove to show you that scuffs and scratches are no match 


We carry a large selection of vinyl tiling that would fit any type of home or any type of style. 

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